Zillow Premier Agent Forum

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About the project

The world of real estate is fundamentally changing. And, to empower real estate professionals to adapt to emerging technologies and to navigate this dynamic new frontier, Zillow Group hosted its fifth annual Premier Agent Forum, in Las Vegas.

Premier Agent Forum 2018 featured innovators and trendsetters including, New York Times #1 bestseller, Dr. Brene Brown and multi-award winning futurist, author and broadcaster, Shivvy Jervis, who showed the 2,000 world-class real estate professionals in attendance how to embrace new technology to better meet the shifting needs of home shoppers. Through eye-opening sessions, interactive workshops and hands-on training and networking, attendees were able to optimize their businesses for what lies ahead. The show opened with a live performance designed by Manifold and Mike Relm, featuring a realtime video and audio mashup taking our attendee on a mental journey from the past comforts of a simple industry to a disputed present and unknown future, but one that we will navigate successfully thanks to the leadership of Zillow.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction

Zillow Group engaged Manifold to create a conference environment that fostered attendees’ desire to network and collaborate. Inspired by the communities in which we live, we created an Experiential Hub—an open, collaborative space with a park-like lounge, complete with a turf lawn, Adirondack chairs and food carts.

Within the Experiential Hub, Zillow’s Product Showcase offered professional headshots, information on how agents could enhance their listings, power their growth and more, all under a roofline of Douglas fir beams.

A postcard station encouraged agents to write a letter to their “future selves” by considering what they’ve learned at Premier Agent Forum and envisioning how it would elevate their future businesses. The cards were mailed back to them after three months so they could check in on the goals they’ve set.

Manifold also reimagined collaborative networking spaces, with varied seating set-ups to encourage communication, ranging from casual networking to drop-in meetings.

Finally, The Home Project provided an opportunity for attendees to give back to deserving housing-related charities, including Habitat for Humanity, by engaging with an interactive key wall art installation.

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