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About the project

As the real estate industry shifts to a consumer-driven marketplace, Zillow is transforming the way they work with their customers, which is why they created Zillow Unlock—a new, annual conference that brings together select partners from their Premier Agent, Rentals and New Construction businesses.

With two days of immersive content and deep relationship-building, at the Aria in Las Vegas, this invitation-only event inspired attendees to become trailblazers in their evolving industry. Unlock provided the tools for attendees to take their business to the next level with: A clear understanding of how Zillow can help them achieve success in an on-demand ecosystem; Data and insights that will give them a competitive advantage; New and purposeful relationships with peers and industry leaders; And, rich education and training on the latest tools and products.

Zillow Group engaged Manifold to create a conference environment that allowed previously disparate groups from their Premier Agent, Rentals and New Construction business to cohesively come together under one roof to create the home industry’s most interactive, immersive and thought provoking event.


Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Social Media

Inspired by the communities in which we live, Unlock’s Experiential Hub provided a collaborative space for guests to network, learn and become empowered while in attendance. There were educational spaces for each of the areas of business, a Braindate section for facilitated networking, town hall stages for attendees to hear about products and best practices, semi-private meeting spaces and food and beverage areas for attendees to enjoy and connect in a casual setting.

On the keyhole-shaped turf park, and under a hanging, deconstructed roof inspired installation, guests could Unlock Knowledge in two interactive ways: Through the Unlock Your Home Journey string art activation, guests could choose one or more colored strings to answer the provided questions by connecting relevant emotions to the specific steps they’ve experienced throughout their personal home journey. This visual language allowed them to share their experiences with fellow attendees—and take a moment to collectively empathize with their clients.


With the Supporting Consumers Through the Home Journey activation, Zillow shared a snapshot of their newly developed personas, which help both Zillow and their attendees to better understand and empathize with the people they collectively serve. They asked their guests to pause and think about how they could support consumers in these specific life moments.

In the Unlock Inspiration area attendees were asked, “What does amazing customer service look like to you?” and encouraged to step up and share stories of amazing customer service with a live illustrator, who drew these stories onto the wall, creating a mural in real time.

As an element of surprise and delight, attendees could take home a Zillow Group gift through an Unlock Possibilities activation, which asked them to pick a numbered key and open the matching door to see what was waiting inside—anything is possible!

  • Unlock is our chance to come together, see each other eye to eye, and talk about the success we're having today and the success we'll have together in the future.

    Chris Lowe, Senior Director, Zillow - Partner Engagement
  • This allows us to share in what we believe in, where we're going as a company...that's why this is so important to us.

    Greg Schwartz, President, Zillow
  • These people that are attending this conference are the best of the best, these are the people who are leaning into the future.

    Richard Barton, CEO, Zillow
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