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GE: Minds + Machines

Learn about how we brought this idea to life

About the project

The Internet of Things & GE: Welcome to the Industrial Internet

For over five years, Manifold has partnered with GE to produce Minds + Machines. Minds + Machines is GE’s premier Industrial Internet event dedicated to software, innovation, and the most powerful digital industrial outcomes.

Hosted by GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt, Minds + Machines convenes a global community of GE customers, developers, partners, industry luminaries, and technology thought leaders to explore the digital transformation of industry, the state of the Industrial Internet, and what this means for your business.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Mobile Installation

How do you create a venue where none exists? Minds + Machines 2016 was hosted in San Francisco’s Pier 48, and its adjacent 130,000 square foot parking lot. To accommodate this year’s event scale, we extended the Pier facility, designing and building an outdoor “village” on AT&T Park’s Lot A, next door, turning a 130,000 Square Foot lot into a venue housing enclosed satellite stages, enclosed hackathon facility, outdoor networking plaza, outdoor theater, and a 15 room enclosed meeting pavilion.  Our design aesthetic carried from the outdoor lot into Pier 48, which housed our Tech Hall and General Session space.

We were asked to create an experiential journey that brings the Digital Transformation Playbook to life, and content that proves the power of GE’s Predix software platform, through explaining and demonstrating digital transformation of big industry. The physical experience included representations of their large industrial assets, along with the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) transformation and platform story.

We helped GE to bring in a GE Power Waukesha Gas Engine, which was a part of GE’s digital industrial narrative at the event, while also powering the event. This cloud connected gas engine was one of many industrial assets showcased throughout the show.

Our entire venue was designed to showcase the digital industrial internet, enable attendees to experience hands on demonstrations of IIoT products and services, and engage in meaningful content from the 2,000 seat main stage theater and satellite stages.


Manifold first produced GE’s Minds + Machines in 2012, a single day conference in San Francisco convening on the “Industrial Internet” – the open, global network that connects machines, people, and data to transform the way the world builds, powers, moves and cures. The conference was a unique, invitation-only gathering for 300+ business leaders, policy makers, academics and journalists, featuring keynotes and panel discussions from luminaries including Jeff Immelt, CEO and Chairman of the Board, GE; Marc Andreessen, Co-founder and General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED; and others.

With a 22,000 lb. jet engine situated stage right as the guest of honor, attendees were invited in to the industrial venue space of Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. The one-day Minds + Machines conference brought GE executives, thought leaders, academics, venture capitalists and executives from Fortune 500 companies together to discuss the Industrial Internet.

The first floor was set as the conference main space, where the jet engine sat stage right and was set as the focal point of the staging area. Between conference sessions, attendees were able to walk up and see, touch and examine the engine from all directions.


Manifold has been GE’s creative agency bringing Minds + Machines to life in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, creating immersive, storytelling environments for GE’s 54,000 lb doube-RAM blowout preventer to its massive GE Locomotive.

in 2014, we transformed New York City’s Pier 59 studios into a space showcasing a scale-size industrial asset – GE’s Tier 4 Locomotive Engine. With projection mapping and high impact animation, we immersed the audience in an active space. Every available surface was mapped and filled with content via projection, giving the illusion of a moving landscape that transitioned through GE’s large-scale industrial assets: Transportation, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, and Healthcare.

In our fourth year, Manifold produced Minds + Machines at Fort Mason in San Francisco, hosting 1500+ business leaders, policy makers, academics and journalists. Driven by GE Corporate and GE Digital, this year’s show focused on Predix – the cloud-based platform at the intersection of people, machines, big data and analytics.

“This is not a conference on the Internet of Things. This is a conference on the Internet of Really Important Things…about machines that matter.” said Bill Ruh, SVP, GE Digital.

  • GE’s new business is a great example of what the Internet of things can do. As companies everywhere experiment with new business models enabled by the Internet of things, GE is building a brand new $1 billion energy business called Current to take its experimentation out of the lab and into the real world.

  • GE Could Be the Giant of IoT. The conglomerate has surreptitiously grown revenue from software by 20% annually in the last four years to $6 billion.

  • General Electric is one of the only companies in the world that can converge the physical and digital world for industrial applications. After all, few companies harbor GE's deep industrial domain expertise and are also capable of building software platforms that can unlock real-time insights and outcomes.

    The Motley Fool
  • American conglomerate General Electric believes machine-to-machine, or "M2M" for short, advances will fundamentally alter the way business operates.

  • GE is a large company that creates and builds a wide range of products, but the industrial giant is now looking for a little outside help. The company is looking for some Silicon Valley-style innovation...

  • On November 29, Jeff Immelt pulled out the really big iron. General Electric's chief executive office climbed up to take the stage at a modified film studio in San Francisco and stood next to a 6.87-ton jet engine built by his company.

    Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Immelt's main point of the morning? When it comes to analytics start-ups in the Valley: "We're open for business."

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