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Brand Experience Experts slash ski instructors, supper club hosts, endurance runners, quail hunters, wine aficionados, little league coaches, fishermen, some guy who is restoring a 1980 BMX bike in his basement, surfers, motorcycle riders, female ice hockey champions, oil painters, music festival attendees, Netflix addicts, snaggletoothed Italian greyhound owners, Japanese toy makers, and moms and dads. How can we help?

manifold experiential marketing firm

About Us

Manifold is a creative experiential marketing firm that offers strategy, ideation and execution. We aim to create experiences that engage, delight, captivate and inspire people.

We’re a mixture of expert branded experience designers from both the agency and client sides of the house with experience in online and offline live event; brand & product consumer marketing; conference and event marketing; sales, trade and retail marketing; advertising; public relations, partnership development; entertainment; production, design and digital development. True to the definition of the word manifold, we’re “of many kinds with different parts, elements, and features.”

We work as an extension of our client’s internal team, handling the details soup to nuts. We sweat the small stuff behind brand experiences so you don’t have to.

Communication Arts magazine recently paid us a compliment by celebrating our creativity through an eight-page spread, normally reserved for more traditional advertising agencies. In addition to Communication Arts, our work has appeared in Adweek, BizBash, Forbes, CNN, Event Marketer, Exhibitor Magazine, MediaPost, PRWeek, Fortune, PSFK and Architectural Digest, showing that our experiential work can bridge the gaps between art, marketing and interior design.

Manifold was founded in San Francisco in 2010 by Brian Mullin, Kelly Long & Sean Florio.


We love buried treasure. 

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Our Services

We provide key services to ensure harmony across a diverse range of platforms, technology and media. Plainly said, we're here to help you think it through and get it done.

  • Strategy

    We’re a curious bunch, constantly exploring new technologies and emerging trends to develop a unique and brand appropriate, multi-channel game plan.

  • Ideation

    We’re a creative agency that imagines and produces extraordinary experiences to engage, delight, captivate and inspire people. We begin with an idea, then decide how best to bring that idea to life.

  • Execution

    Having a clear vision is one thing. Executing on that vision is another. We think big, then fixate on the building blocks to bring an idea to life.

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