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Sungevity Solar-Powered Popsicles

Learn about how we brought this idea to life

About the project

The Rolling Rooftop Revolution.

We helped our client, Sungevity, introduce its residential solar energy offering to the East Coast. We distilled the offering and created a simple, unexpected interaction between brand and audience with a clear message: refreshing a summering east coast with a solar-powered biodiesel popsicle truck.

The truck toured for 7 weeks visiting 5 states, 37 cities and 60 events resulting in 20,000 high touch interactions. Additionally the campaign garnered over 42 unique media placements and over 49,000,000 earned media impressions.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Mobile Installation
  • Social Media
  • Video Production

Local brand enthusiasts and customers were recruited and encouraged to host Sungevity Block Parties, inviting their neighbors to a free popsicle party to discuss the benefits of the Sungevity solution. We also built an interactive map on Facebook so that remote consumers could follow and engage in the experience online. The campaign had massive digital impact resulting in a 61% sales lead generation increase on the East Coast, 50mm PR impressions and hundreds of social mentions.

An important piece of the Sungevity campaign was the overall design direction. How can we tell a powerful story of solar, renewable energy, and cost effectiveness without overwhelming the consumer? We created a popsicle truck laden with powerful info graphics in partnership with renowned designer Kelli Anderson; from afar, these looked like different popsicle flavors, but upon closer inspection consumers realized that it was an info graphic, which served as a powerful storytelling mechanism for the campaign.


Clever premiums to be handed out at events were also critical for consumer engagement – Manifold produced 30,000 handouts printed on seeded paper with soy inks, as well as solar powered grasshoppers to entertain the children of customers were were occupied with signing up for a free solar quote.

  • The total package is eye-catching and, in the midst of a nasty nation-wide summer heat wave, irresistible. All of which comes together with facts, figures, and a health blend of sugar-rush and brain freeze to captivate the hearts and minds of any kid who happens to run across it, and (I think) it'll take the likes of BP a metric shit-ton of PR money to beat that kind of happy mental association. Unfair? You bet.

  • Getting off the grid is now made delicious and fun with the beautiful infographic-ladened solar-paneled truck by Sungevity. Manifold collaborated with designer Kelli Anderson to create the fabulous Solar Ice Pop Truck for their Oakland-based home solar systems client, Sungevity. By handing out free all natural and organic frozen pops Sungevity is sure to get a few willing ears to listen to their ideas on how easy it is to make a home solar-powered.

    Laughing Squid
  • On Tuesday Sungevity will descend on New York City, and over the course of the next six weeks, on neighborhood festivals, farmer's markets and other local venues in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Delaware.

    The Huffington Post
  • On the East Coast, does a free ice pop translate into new solar panel customers? Sungevity is about to find out. The Oakland-based residential solar company is sending a bright orange truck stocked with the icy treats around the five Northeastern states where it is expanding its business. The company is hoping its unconventional advertising will help endear its solar offerings to the promising East Coast market.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Sungevity hopes to make a dent in the market with the help of its delicious strawberry, mango and hibiscus mint popsicles on a hot summer day. It's cool treat with a host of incentives.

  • Sungevity's 'Rooftop Revolution' is a true first in the solar industry and drives directly to what we believe - that going solar is a lifestyle choice that makes dollars and sense.

    Patrick Crane, Chief Marketing Officer, Sungevity
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