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About the project

On April 29, 2019, BBC News hosted their 3rd annual Digital Content NewFront at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City.

To prepare, the team at BBC Global News enlisted Manifold to find creative ways to bring their message to life for both a commercial and media audience. Planning kicked off months prior to the event, beginning with ideation around the overarching “Evolution” theme, in collaboration with global department stakeholders across the BBC.

Manifold led the production and visual branding of the event, creating an experience that highlighted the BBC News brand and commercial opportunities. The entry experience educated guests, through a series of panels and video, on the BBC News origin story, innovations throughout its nearly 100 years in operation and moments of historical celebration amplified through their coverage.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction

Once inside, the room was bathed in red lighting to match the BBC logo, adding drama to the new, in-the-round staging format for the BBC team to present how BBC News is approaching the future of media, a showcase of the new technologies they’re using to create and change the way they engage with content and announcements around some of their latest partnership opportunities from BBC StoryWorks.

Since its inaugural event in 2017, BBC’s NewFront has garnered industry-wide attention, resulting in increased attendance for the 3rd year in a row.

  • Egan’s remarks were made in front of a packed room, with red lighting to match the BBC News logo. Network executives were surrounded by the audience on a round platform, and they walked around it to speak to different areas of the room. Last year, executives spoke to the audience in front of them. This dynamic was far more effective.

  • At the BBC, we believe that sharing our voice, connecting our stories, giving you the news and bringing people together, even in this very divided world we live in, is something to celebrate.

    Katty Kay
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