Bumble Hive NYC

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About the project

Bumble is the digital destination to meet your next significant other (Bumble Honey), best friend (Bumble BFF), or most valuable business connection (Bumble Bizz, coming this fall). Bumble is about creating an empowering, safe place for members of modern society to meet the important people in their lives.

Bumble and Manifold partnered to take the Bumble user experience offline and bring it into the real world. Bumble Hive NYC: a month-long pop-up space in SoHo and the first in a series of experiential destinations from the brand. Designed to embody Bumble’s digital experience in physical form, the Hive brought together leading thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs to celebrate the empowerment of women across all facets of life including Health, Relationships, Technology, Education and more.

Bumble’s Founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe used the Hive as a platform to tell the Bumble brand story, connect with influencers, host partners and media, and most importantly, interact directly with Bumble users. Speakers and special guests included co-founders of The Skimm, Tituss Burgess, the Foster sisters and others.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Mobile Installation
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Video Production

Bumble took over a stark white space (the former Vera Wang showroom in SoHo) and transformed it into a honey-gold haven. Every surface in the Hive told a part of the Bumble story. Custom installations filled the space, from giant mirrored and backlit hives that scaled the walls, to the cheeky hand illustrated ‘Wall of Dicks’ and ‘Connections through History.’ Smaller pieces like golden magic 8 balls and conversation starter cookies were delights for attendees to discover throughout the space.


The first of its kind, the Bumble Hive was recognized by numerous media outlets as the first online dating app to make the transition from an online service to a brick and mortar location. The response was so positive, Bumble is considering where they’ll take the Hive next.

  • What do popular dating apps and brick-and-mortar storefronts have in common? Until now, nothing.

  • The dating app has a new pop up location in New York City, and it may hint at the company's future.

  • Dating apps make it easy to connect with people, but what if they could also give you a place to meet up in the flesh? Bumble is doing just that. So what exactly is meant to happen in this posh yellow space?

  • The physical space is aptly called the Hive and its built to embody the Bumble brand. Decked out in yellows and hexagonal embellishments and furnishings, the Hive is a beautiful spot for a meetup.

  • Bumble, a dating app where women typically initiate the conversation, has created a buzz after launching a pop-up location this month in Manhattan, the first in a series of experiential destinations.

  • If they successfully identified themselves as users, they were invited into the modernly decorated, yellow and white space for free to mingle over complimentary drinks and snacks.

    Business Insider
  • The Soho lounge, which is called The Hive, is actually more than what it seems. In fact, the spot could primarily become a cool networking space for folks to engage with other humans IRL—not just a place for the birds and bees to meet.

    Time Out New York
  • You can now actually stumble into Bumble.

  • We are so happy with the positive response from our first physical Bumble Hive. Hoping to do more of these in the future as we continue to grow and expand our brand.

    Whitney Wolfe, CEO, Bumble
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