Experience Based NFTs

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About the project

On March 12 we released the first ever Experience-based Concept NFT, essentially a blueprint or DNA of an idea, a digital representation of a creative concept. The NFT is titled “VORTEX” and is available today on OpenSea.

On March 19, we released our second drop of “VORTEX.” “VORTEX” is a realization of real-world NFT marketplaces. The piece is an interactive NFT art gallery featuring top NFT assets currently being purchased and exchanged in online marketplaces, built as a real-world visual experience.

We’ve verified ownership and authenticity of the “VORTEX” NFT by minting it and recording it on the blockchain. And as of today, anyone with an OpenSea account has access to purchase this NFT. The minimum bid price is .28 ETH (~$500.00). Once purchased, it’s up to the buyer what they do with the concept. For example, they can keep it, they can resell it, they can iterate on the idea, they can produce it in the real world. The first “drop” is a conceptual build drawing, and we will iterate this drawing over three consecutive drops to evolve into a fully realized concept.

Those who know us well, know that we believe great ideas can come from anywhere. Today’s creative agency business model is a “closed market” ecosystem and access to creative thinking is overly gated and closed. We want to democratize access to creative thinking. We believe there is great potential for experience-based concept NFTs to disrupt the traditional creative agency model and evolve the ecosystem in a way that favors and values creativity.

Put simply, we believe creative thinking is an asset that should be available to anyone who deems it valuable. The below images are the first two drops in this project, showing round 1 of the concept as an architectural blueprint and round 2 as the first colored phase of the concept.


Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Experience Production

If you haven’t yet been inundated with headlines, tweets and Clubhouse chats, NFTs (a non-fungible token) are unique digital tokens which effectively verify authenticity and ownership of an asset on the blockchain. Rhett / Mankind does a nice job of explaining it simply on YouTube. Thanks for reading.

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