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Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial trade show, with over 200,000 attendees meeting in the small German city of Hannover each year to share the latest developments in industrial technology. It was just a few short years ago at Hannover Messe that the German government coined the term “Industry 4.0”– the buzzword for making manufacturing more productive.

This year, however, it was clear there was a new buzzword on the show floor–the Industrial Internet. With a growing number of industrial companies in attendance, especially international ones, many were interested in not only learning what to make better, but more importantly how to make things work better—from aircraft engines to wind turbines and even entire value chains.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Mobile Installation

GE refers to this as activating the Digital Thread–the way in which design, engineering, manufacturing and industrial assets are connected in a virtuous learning loop to improve productivity. By activating the Digital Thread, companies can streamline data into a unified view of asset performance, providing full insight beginning at the design stage, through production, all the way to deployment in the field. It was with this message that GE returned to the show this year with the goal of bringing digital industrial transformation to life through advanced technology, proven solutions, and customer outcomes.


For many companies starting out on their digital industrial transformation journeys, Hannover is a place to demonstrate virtual reality models of their offering. Yet GE’s leadership position in this space meant that they were able to come to Hannover with real examples of how they’re helping their customers to disrupt their market segments not just in virtual reality—but in real life. Elevator and escalator company, Schindler is using GE’s Predix, the platform for the Industrial Internet, to both boost productivity in their fleet of escalators and elevators, but also to innovate entirely new business models.

Along with learning about customer stories, attendees had the ability to see GE’s technology solutions in action. With 12 hands-on demos at the fair, attendees lined up to experience Predix, as well as learn more about the Brilliant Manufacturing and comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions.

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