Ripple 10 Year Anniversary

Learn about how we brought this idea to life

About the project

In celebration of Ripple’s 10-year anniversary and the opening of a new office in Miami, FL, the cryptocurrency giant brought their team together for a week of locally inspired festivities, gratitude for their global teams’ contributions to their ongoing success and a look at the future of the brand.

Ripple Miami10 kicked off at Oasis Wynwood, with guests entering through a lush outdoor tunnel with overhead custom Ripple Miami10 neon. Once inside, the team could visit the Miami nights lounge for a rolled-in-real-time Cuban cigar, late night espresso and check out vintage Cuban cars displayed inside the venue.

On their way to the game room, to try their hand at dominos or the custom claw machines, guests could select from the wall of Miami inspired vinyl, featuring Latin beats and local hip hop artists, for the DJ to spin on demand. And, an outdoor NFT gallery added to the glow and motion of the décor, while featuring the next wave of innovative creators.

From the main outdoor stage, live music filled the air, as professional dancers showed off their moves and encouraged attendees to join in. If guests would rather sit to enjoy the bands, they could recline on colorful pillows in the charging lounge, while also getting their phones back to full strength.

The morning after the welcome festivities, the team gathered for Ripple’s annual All Hands meeting, where leadership voiced their appreciation for the last 10 years of hard work and shared their vision for the 10 years to come, and beyond.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Experience Production

The creative for both the welcome party and the All Hands general session was a take on Ripple’s brand Voronoi pattern, but with a colorful Miami flare. Dynamic, adaptive, organic and harmonious, the Vornoni pattern expanded and contracted on signage, programs, stage scenic and more, to subtly signal areas of high- or low-density connections and interactions. When zoomed out, the pattern became busy with lines and connections, aligning with the intention of the depicted area or event. When zoomed in, the pattern signified areas of reprieve, where folks moved more freely to partake in thoughtful attention to detail. Each pattern showcased connection, while allowing the bright palette of Miami’s man-made environment to take center stage.

After the weeklong celebration, guests headed home with one-of-a-kind set of giveaways, housed in an upcycled billboard bag. The bag included a Yeti 20 oz water bottle, beach blanket and sunscreen and chapstick in a custom Voronoi patterned tote continuing the Miami10 creative.

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