SoftBank Sozo Summit

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About the project

The inaugural Sozo Summit was an intimate, invitation-only event that brought together the world’s top tech CEOs, dignitaries and industry leaders to connect, learn and explore the latest developments in technology and AI.


Programming for the event was anchored by the meaning of Sozo – a Japanese phrase that means “to imagine” and “to create.” In the morning, attendees were inspired to imagine the future through creative and inspirational programming, while the afternoon sessions focused on the art of creation – practical sessions designed to teach CEOs how to launch and scale a global business.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Experience Production
  • Video Production

The flow of Sozo was designed to be a layered experience, with every touchpoint thoughtfully designed to help open your mind. Manifold sought to inspire by exposing attendees to new people and ideas reinforcing the Vision Fund brand and generating loyalty to SoftBank. The event strategy cultivated community and built real connections that could impact founders lives through a common experience that delivered a high value to time ratio for all attendees.


Three days of programming over two main stages, a host of unique breakout spaces, morning yoga, supercar driving, curated meals, a concert by John Legend and an informal ice-breaker performance from illusionist Lior Suchard took attendees on a journey fully detached from the day-to-day obligations of their normal schedules.

  • By far the best event I’ve been to, and I’ve been to hundreds – Sozo has set a new standard.

    Michel Combes, CEO, Sprint
  • All in, the conference strengthened our view on SoftBank Group. My main message is that we are under-appreciating the value of the ecosystem. The access and community SoftBank provides to the portfolio CEOs seem unparalleled.

    Lomas Capital, 9984 Holder
  • It was really a fantastic opportunity to have an open interaction with SVF family and to have better visibility of SVF’s activity and vision, which strongly motivates us for the future collaborations.

    Takeshi Koyoma, Mizuho
  • Hearing MASA’s vision and passion behind his core beliefs and optimism. This is exactly why I founded my company and I felt very much a part of the family. This is a feeling that is hard to describe.

    Uma Valeti, CEO, Memphis Meats
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