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About the project

Swell by Ripple brought together over 500 of the world’s most trusted voices across financial services, payments, technology and policy to share the reality of what’s unfolding in global payments today—and why it matters.

Swell’s 2019 theme, A New Reality Unfolds, spoke to RippleNet’s growing commercial traction, and with it, an undeniable modernization of global payments. To share perspectives and ignite thought provoking dialogue, keynotes featured Dr. Raghuram Rajan, Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at Chicago Booth, Kamal Quadir, CEO of bKash and Ambassador Chan Heng Chee, Ambassador-at-Large of the Singapore Foreign Ministry.

Hosted at Capella Singapore, the annual financial technology conference provided an intimate and highly personalized experience for the attendees. With compelling and diverse speakers, and an up-leveled event design that mirrored Ripple’s leading status in the marketplace, Swell by Ripple has set a new standard for fintech conferences.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Public Relations

The creative expression was realized through kaleidoscopic patterns and experiential interactives, consistently reinforcing the message that the fintech landscape is transforming exponentially in front of our very eyes—and that Ripple and their customers are driving that transformation, demonstrating major impacts to the industry, worldwide.

The Swell by Ripple logo—geometric, angular and symbolizing transformation—appeared in various settings throughout the venue to elegantly brand and define the conference spaces. Window and stairwell graphics, wayfinding signage, a freestanding anamorphic sign and gallery spaces for meetings and conversation, all featured a tessellation pattern of the logo.

As guests arrived onsite, they were first greeted with a lush living wall featuring the Swell by Ripple logo, blending  the conference creative with the garden-filled heritage of its Singapore surroundings. Once inside, a lobby installation of block letters, which read HELLO from one side and SWELL from another, welcomed attendees while tying back to the idea that around the corner there is always something new, a different perspective. The custom registration desk continued tessellation design, but this time with a glow of built-in LEDs, adding a glamorous, tech feel to the entry experience and setting the stage for the days to come.


The pre-function spaces surrounding the general session room provided a series of interactions and storytelling opportunities for conference goers. A large infographic wall detailed the diverse network of 300+ financial institutions around the world that make up RippleNet; Kiosks featuring customer stories and demo spaces for the Ripple team to connect with customers and prospects about RippleNet, were sprinkled throughout; And, a life-sized, walk-through kaleidoscope challenged attendees to explore their unique vantage point from every angle—Like a kaleidoscope, any technological innovation can reveal entirely different possibilities and transform your perspective.

The transformative creative execution culminated in a pair of striking, custom, origami curtains as general session scenic. Over 6,000 pyramid fold, white origami in the shape of the Swell logo, hung floor to ceiling from 145 strings surrounding the main stage. The strings were intentionally left lose, to allow the origami to lightly spin and sway in the air currents of the room. The white paper provided a canvas for up lighting to change the appearance of the origami in alignment with the onstage content, moving from ruby, to jade, to sapphire and amethyst while the different perspectives were communicated and explored onstage.

  • Ripple surpasses 300 customers as Swell 2019 kicks off in Singapore

    Thomas Silkjaer, Forbes
  • As we kick off the conference, we’re really pleased with all the momentum. There are strong network effects: the more customers you have on the network, the more value in joining the network. And we certainly expect to continue to see that momentum build as we bring all of our customers together and they get introduced to each other. We expect more corridors to go live and continue to fuel that volume growth.

    Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, Ripple
  • With its yearly annual conference, Swell, Ripple, yet again manages to stand by its promise of changing how the world moves money.

    David Cox, CryptoNewsZ
  • Swell is a great place to meet your future connections. It’s about taking a chance on what the future might look like.

    Joisie Mantilla, Interbank Peru
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