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On September 25th, 2018 Will Smith turned 50. And from that moment forward he made a promise with himself that he would spend every waking moment living life to the fullest.

That philosophy, when put to the test, sparked an amazing adventure that became Will Smith’s Bucket List, an adventure series airing exclusively on Facebook Watch. From skydiving in Dubai to swimming with sharks; from racing cars to doing stand-up comedy with Dave Chappelle, the Bucket List became not only a showcase for Will’s amazing imagination, but also a canvas for demonstrating the inner journey one must go on to conquer their fears. The entire journey was filmed and premiered on February 27, 2019.

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Facebook Watch approached Manifold to help create an exclusive, action-packed adventure for 13 key influencers that drew inspiration from Will’s bucket list experiences featured in the show. Just days before the first episode dropped, key influencers (including NBA player, Nick Young) arrived in Atlanta for an opportunity of a lifetime. From indoor skydiving and on-track Porsche racing, these influencers were put to the test by Will Smith himself—with the content chops to prove it. Even ABC’s Michael Strahan made a special appearance to interview the man of the hour! This day of adventure ended with a dinner and special screening of the first episode of Will Smith’s Bucket List.

Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes of Will Smith’s Bucket List, available exclusively on Facebook Watch.

  • For Facebook, the Will Smith project is the latest celebrity-driven entertainment project — aimed at generating more video viewing on its massive global social service.

  • With Bucket List, Smith will travel the world to take on insane challenges and overcome obstacles. The journey will include taking part in a Bollywood movie, skydiving in Dubai and performing stand-up with Dave Chappelle.

    Hollywood Reporter
  • The 50-year-old star launched his very own Facebook Watch show Will Smith’s Bucket List on Wednesday with an inside look at how he convinced his family to skydive for his birthday.

  • In the coming weeks, Smith will also conquer other terrifying feats of human achievement, like running a half-marathon in the sweltering heat of Cuba and doing stand-up for a crowd larger than three people. Don’t ever underestimate Smith’s Tom Cruise-like commitment to achieving his wildest dreams.

  • Will Smith has launched his new series, “Will Smith’s Bucket List,” inspired by a decision he made on his 50th birthday to do everything he’s “ever wanted to do.”

    Huffington Post
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